Links I’ve been using to learn Google Wave

Google Wave Intro links
Why Google Wave sucks, but you’ll use it anyway
Making Sense of google wave – a 15 minute presentation by the author of The Complete Wave Guide (she’s a little too bubbly at the start, but it gets pretty good as she goes on)
Personalize Google Wave
Google Wave and the Enterprise

Manuals –
The Complete Wave Guide an online “book” (easy read and pretty good summation of how to use it)
Google Wave Guide
Lifehacker Google Wave 101
Google Wave command cheat sheet

Lists of Gadgets and bots –
125 Google Wave Bots
Plugins and Gadgets
Comprehensive List of Extensions
Google Wave Bots Wiki list of extensions

RT @masteringwave Creating a Simple Form Gadget « Mastering WAVE

2 Responses to “Links I’ve been using to learn Google Wave”

  1. diegan2 Says:

    That’s a pretty comprehensive list there.


  2. noactive Says:

    Links I've been using to learn Google Wave .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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