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The Death of Google Wave and the Coming of the New Age

January 12, 2011

Well, no news here, but the hopes I had for Google Wave have been dashed.  For the time being at least.  Seems to me that it was a great idea, but technology was just not ready for Wave yet.  Every time I tried to use it, it was slow and clunky, and overall, something was missing.  I’d have to think about it for a while to formulate what it REALLY was that I felt was missing; sure, notifications, performance, ease of use, and lots of other things, but overall, it just wasn’t complete.  Not only that, they didn’t even have a good app for it.  It was obviously going nowhere.

However, I think we are moving forward, there is hope that eventually the dream of what was Wave will be realized.

Taking a step along that path, last spring I finally moved out of the dark ages and got myself a smartphone, a Nexus One.  And IT has really changed my life.  I’d been looking for a tool like this for years but just couldn’t find what I was looking for till now.

I was never one much for those paper organizers, I could never get them to think or organize like I do.  But this phone is perfect for me.  Fast, responsive, everything at my fingertips and I can organize my thoughts, data; communicate; everything,  however I want, and change how it all works on the fly as I need it.  I can carry my presentations around, look up whatever I need to know wherever I am.  I LOVE it.  It quickly replaced about 60% to 75% of what I use computers for.  Hmm, like this is news to anyone.

But all along, I’ve been – phone is for this, desktop/laptop is for that, and each has its place and a different interface.  So last night I had my laptop connected up to my big screen TV watching a video of the CES presentation on Android Honeycomb and was totally getting into it.  Then it ended, and I popped the screen back to the Windows Vista Interface.  And I sat there and looked at it and my brain just paused….

I realized it looked sooo dinosaur.  I realized I couldn’t wait for the new age that we seem to be on the verge of.  It felt to me like something is going on similar to the turn of last century with the development of electricity and the telephone.  As if computing up to this point to what is coming compares to the difference between the telegraph and the telephone.

I guess the presentation worked 🙂

I’ll continue this thought in my next installment.