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Industrial Design and Skills for Success

December 3, 2009

I found this article written by a Chinese firm, and liked it so much I rewrote it in english to meet my own perception of its content and added a couple of additions of my own –

Industrial Design

The process of applied art, architecture and engineering which give physical shape or solution to meet industry needs. It is the visual shape, configuration, and/or pattern of a manufactured product.  Industrial design is most concerned with the interaction between people and products, at the same time considering manufacturability of the product.

The main focus of Industrial Design is:

• Functionality and Specifications
• User Experience
• Styling
• Quality
• Cost (considers many concepts here including cost of product, cost of use, cost to environment, manufacturability, etc.)

Industrial Design is creating & designing concepts with specific needs that give process, steps, and appearance of product for the benefit of the user and the manufacture of the product.

Industrial Designer
Industrial Designers play a key role in the development of manufactured products.  The main role of the industrial designer is concept development and implementation.

Good Industrial Design = Good Business Product = Good Output

Industrial Designers need 6 key skills:

1. An innate ability to listen to users and understand their needs
2. Creative problem-solving approach
3. Quick ability to present a concept with random sketches
4. Good verbal and written communication
5. Professional 3D design skills in modern CAD products
6. Should know mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing basics and background

Industrial Design includes:
The development of user-driven ergonomics to improve manufacturing methodology considering client specifications following standards and specifications.

Industrial Design Steps:

• Create usability goals
• Create user interface concepts
• Model the user interface
• Test the design
• Validate the design specifications – modify them if necessary
-> go back to start – repeat until design meets or exceeds specifications and specifications meet or exceed need

Industrial Design is concerned with the following:
• Human needs
• Social / cultural issues
• Ergonomics (usability)
• Environment
• Cognitive concepts
• Materials
• Technology

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