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Misconceptions about Google Wave Preview

December 1, 2009

From a reply to comments on Paul Buchheit’s blog post and many comments I’ve read —

I keep seeing comments like “I don’t get it” or “It’s useless” or “I talked to myself for a while and haven’t gone back since”.  It seems to me a whole ton of people are missing the point of what the Wave preview is all about.

Wave is a massive concept that no single company could possibly bring to fruition on its own in a reasonable amount of time. The preview is all about giving the development community access to the product so they can extend it beyond what any one person could imagine it could be. It’s kind of like watching an organism evolve. Those pieces which don’t work will whither, and the good will continue. Eventually, I assume a standards committee will come together and reign the whole process back in and a product will be born.

Wave is useless as a closed system. This preview time was not meant for users to be able to really use wave to get work done. Yes, some people will, but overall, it’s not usable yet. People’s expectations on that end are way too high.

Give it time and let it evolve. Until it’s available to the public without bounds, (or at least available to an enterprise without bounds) like email is, it really won’t be usable to get work done. I also think it’s going to be necessary to move blips around. Just like email, wave etiquette will evolve. At least useless chatter can be cleaned out.

Overall, I think the preview was a great idea, and (to risk being dangerously overhypey) I’m psyched to see Wave move forward and will definitely have a use for it when it’s done.